Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Libya continues to trample on human rights

Although I see no compelling reason to offer a justification for initiating this blog, I am probably driven by the same motives and factors as most political bloggers, namely frustration with the socalled main stream media which at least in the US have been hijacked by special interest groups and neocons. To continue to work and advance in these media companies journalists must abandon the most basic rules of professional conducted and even the mere pretence of objectivity. In addition, when it comes to the areas of the "Middle East" and "North Africa" and Arab related issues in general there is a great deal of deliberate misinformation as well as genuine ignorance. For this reason this blog is directed at American and European audiences and written in English.

I will attempt to gather news and articles related to Libya and if necessary offer a brief commentary or correction from my point of view.

Human rights (or lack thereof) in Libya is good place to start. Hannah Allam writes:
A leading human rights organization warned Wednesday that Libya's cooperation in the international war on terror and other recent overtures to the West shouldn't overshadow the country's continued use of intimidation and torture to stifle political expression at home.
The country Moammar Gadhafi has ruled for nearly three decades is still plagued by severe human rights abuses, despite Libya's efforts to shed its pariah status by renouncing weapons of mass destruction, paying compensation to victims of Libyan terrorists and working closely with the United States and Britain to prevent attacks, according to an 80-page report prepared by Human Rights Watch.
Details here:


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This is a great blog - I have spent weeks and weeks on the internet trying to find out if all of the Muslim Brothers who were imprisoned in 1998 have now been released. If you have any info on whether they have all been released yet, it would be great to read it here.

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