Thursday, January 26, 2006

It is Time to Let Go of Dictators and Let Us Begin with Ghadhafi

This was my reaction when I read this news:

"Two Get Prison in Exports to Syria, Libya
DALLAS -- Two brothers convicted of sending exports from their U.S. company to countries considered sponsors of terrorism were sentenced Wednesday to federal prison, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.
Hazim Elashi was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison and will be deported after serving his sentence. His brother Ihsan "Sammy" Elashi was given a six-year term, which will run consecutively to the four-year sentence he is currently serving. Hazim and Ihsan Elashi, their three brothers and their company were convicted in 2004 on charges of making illegal technology shipments to Libya and Syria."

So, let me get this: as recently as 2004 Libya was a sponsor of terrorism (and still officially is) and its ruler (Ghadhafi) was viewed as a really bad dictator, among the worst in the world. However, today Ghadhafi and the rest of the gang "governing" Libya are considered by the morally immaculate European leaders and our own Democracy Crusadors in Washington as model world citizenzs after surrendering "WMD programs" and going above and beyond the call of international duty to cooperate with Washington in its "War on Terrorism". I can not imagine what majic potion Ghaddafi and his gang were given to undergo such a radical metamorphosis, but it is really worth looking into given the fact that we have at least a dozen viscious dictators left in the "Arab World".
Forgotten are the unspeakable crimes Ghadhafi committed against innocent civilians and defenseless political prisoners and journalists:
  • Lockerbie disaster (1988-12-21): Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over the town of Lockerbie as a result of a terrorist bomb. Two hundred and seventy people died in that disaster (11 on the ground and 259 on the plane). Until the September 11, 2001 attacks, the bombing of Flight 103 was the worst act of terrorism against US civilian citizens in recorded history.
  • Libyan Airline flight 1103 (1992-12-22) exploded over Tripoli killing all 150 passengers and crew.
  • The French UTA airliner exploding over Niger killing all on board
  • La Bielle Club in Berlin, Germany
to mention only a few and only those events affecting mostly non-Libyans.
Ghadhafi's crimes against Libyans are far more costly in terms of human lives and human rights. His brutality is not matched even by Saddam's. Suffice it to mention the "Abo-Sleem" masscre in which, in June 1996, prison guards under direct orders from Ghadhari shot in broad daylight over 1000 mostly political prisoners and buried them in mass graves.

Today, Ghadhafi continues to make the lives of ordinary Libyans unbearable, trampling on their basic liberties and depriving them of their most basic needs in a country with a population of only 5 million people and exporting oil at a rate of approximately 2 million barrels/day in addition to a growing natural gas export. In Ghadhafi's happy kingdom trickle-down economics does not work ( see a snapshot of the home in Benghazi, the 2nd lagest city in Libya).

And yet the Ghadhafi regime is now being nurtured with tender loving care by the Bush administration. In fact Ghadhafi now feels that he can do whatever he likes with Libyans and their human rights and properties even if it means negatively affecting American interest and American property. See this letter written by Libayan Americans to US senators (


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A very good idea for the people of Libya which would be a good idea for all nations to do. And no money should go to such dictators or oppressors by any nation in the world since it would only be contributing to their murdurs of innocent people.And only the truth can make you free,The Lord Jesus Christ said. Sincerely; George or or or

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