Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gadhafi and independent media

"Libya said on Friday that it is heading toward allowing private newspapers, radio and television news in what has been a state-controlled media environment for more than 30 years.

Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi's son, Seif Al Islam, who also runs the Qadhafi Goodwill Foundation, was given the green light by his father to spearhead the plan though a new company.

"The first experimental program on one of the radio stations will take place in March," said Abdel Salam Al Mushri, an official at the company, which is called "1/9" in reference to the September 1 date of the 1969 Libyan revolution.

"Preparations are underway to create a satellite television channel that will be launched in 2007," he said.
....etc." www.metimes.com/articles/normal.php?StoryID=20060130-105426-2462r

Some independent media!!
Gadhafi and his regime have always been a study in paradox and irony. These supposedly independent media companies will be financied, we are informed, by the Gadhafi treasury (formerly known as the Libyan government treasury or the people's money) because this alledged "Goodwill Foundation" headed by his son and apparent heir has only one source of money, the stat treasury (i.e., Libya's oil revenues.)
This is not a charity organization in the traditional sense; it is an usuriously expensive PR device created to carry out specific missions on the international stage with the sole purpose of improving Gadhafi's image, which has been mangled up by decades of terrorism and human rights violations at home and abroad. www.libya-watanona.com/news/n2006/jan/n26jan6e.htm

This socalled 1/9 company of course will be dedicated to spreading the "Green Book" gospel and promoting the visionary leadership of the one and only leader of the planet just like the other Gadhafi media mouth piece already in existence. The only significant difference is that the new "independent" channel will be adorned with Libanese (not Libyan) beauties specially imported from the eclectic night clubs of Beirut.

Besides, if Gadhafi is having a major change of heart regarding free speach to such a degree that he decided to allow "Independent Media" to operate freely in Libya, why did he then assemble and continues to maintain such a major jamming operation in outskirts of Tripoli to prevent certain satellite signals from reaching the Libyan audience?
That was actually a rhetorical question. We know that this is all a sham. Dictators cannot allow truly independent media just like aspiring dictators would do anything to punish journalist who dare ask the wrong questions.

There is howerver a silver lining in this story .... Gadhafi and his followers are not capable of success on any front except in oppressing their own people. Their entire history has been a series of failure. This adventure will be a failure and a drain on the "Gadhafi Treasury", and it will not take long before HE will think of some other "original" idea.... which will of course provide the ultimate solution to the many dilemmas of human existence.


Blogger khyrat said...

It is a painful situation in Libya that innocent people are being tatgeted. Similar latest update is also seen on following link. Please go through it.


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Blogger George said...

Let us hope that the leader of Libya will become a Christian and true freedom both physical and spiritual will be allowed and practiced there. Such as freedom of speech , religious freedom for all religions , and other basic rights given by God our creator. To those who open themselves to God. And that the Libyan people will repent of their sins and trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord God. Who came into the world to save sinners from their sins when they realize he loved them enough to die on the cruel cross of Calvary , was buried , and rose from the dead the third day , was seen of men , and went back up to heaven. But God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. From the preserved word of God , the Authorized King James Holy Bible. www.HolyBible.com , Sincerely ;

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